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The roof over your home takes a lot of abuse over the years. Fortunately, you can turn to Helke Construction LLC for roof repairs in Somers and Kalispell, MT. Our roofing contractors have the experience needed to perform a variety of roof repairs. If your roof was damaged in a storm, we'll work with your insurance company. We repair shingle roofs, and we may be able to repair your metal roof.

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Roof Repair, or Roof Replacement?

Roof Repair, or Roof Replacement?

Roof leaks aren't the only way to tell if it's time for a new roof. Ask yourself the following questions to figure out if your home could use a new roof:

  • Is your roof older than 20 years?
  • Are your shingles curling or buckling?
  • Are shingles missing from your roof valleys?

Our roofs come with standard warranties. Get in touch with a roofing contractor right away to talk about the roofing services you need. We serve the Somers & Kalispell, MT areas.